American with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG)

It is the goal of the BCI Burke Company to design all composite play structures in conformance with the proposed American with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). Burke designers are knowledgeable about ADAAG, and their expertise allows Snider & Associates to provide play systems to be designed with activities that encourage and enable children of all abilities to share in the innovative fun that is provided by Burke playground equipment. Burke's experienced playground designers work directly with the Snider & Associates sales representatives and customers to ensure that we are providing components that not only comply with the current guidelines, but can also assist you in the development of a fully integrated, universally inclusive playground.

Burke's accessible playgrounds provide the exciting and innovative levels of play that are so important to the physical, social, and intellectual development of the children who play on the equipment. To that end, we incorporate components that range from the more elementary Paddle Ball Panel to promote eye-hand coordination to ground level Fun Phones that are such an integral part of socialization to the more sophisticated upper body developing components such as Curved Ring Swings and Loop Horizontal Ladders that will accommodate children who have lower extremity disabilities, but who are able to take advantage of the upper body challenges. The strategic use of transfer points, ground level activities and wheel chair accessible ramps, where applicable, help assure that all play structures meet and exceed the objectives detailed in the proposed ADAAG guidelines.

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