2000 Series Floating Dock System

2000 Series Floating Dock System

2000 Series-High Profile Floating Boat Docks System

Home & Commercial
A season’s worth of adventures await with your floating dock, including parties, sunbathing, fishing and boating. A Connect-A-Dock system will prove to be a worthwhile addition to the value of your property. Commercial applications use the 2000 SERIES – (HP) dock because of its modularity. These docks can be expanded to any width or length, making it easy to accommodate customers with additional docking slips or reconfiguring for various-sized boats.

Simple installation and extreme durability
Providing the ultimate flexibility in configuration, simple installation and extreme durability, the 2000 Series-High Profile Connect-A-Dock, floating dock, Series is the logical choice for extending your waterfront enjoyment. Its unique connection system allows you to be configured (and re-configured) in an unlimited variety of shapes to suit your particular needs.

Environmentally safe
The lightweight float sections can be assembled with a wrench (in addition to anchoring). The environmentally safe polyethylene surface assures season after season of low-maintenance service. The UV-protected, puncture-resistant deck is color-molded with a slip-resistant surface that sheds water and the sun’s extreme temperature.


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