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Westview North Apartments – Parma, OH

Westview North Apartments – Parma, OH

Snider Recreation went to work for Westview North Apartments designing a playground for their apartment complex located in Parma, Ohio. This structure has FUN equipment and playful colors.

The design brought some playground essentials, with a twist! Swings and slides are expected on a playground, added into this structure is a fierce cyclone spinner, a jungle vine and crest point climber and play panels. The little ones will love the duck spring rider, while moms or dads enjoy the bench that is located close by.

Snider Recreation completed the playground installation in the spring, so it was ready for play on the first warm day!


Lazy River Campground – Grandville, OH

Snider Recreation was excited to bring this Psychedelic color themed playground to the banks of the river at Lazy River Campground in Granville, Ohio early this spring! The installation crews have been busy getting new playgrounds installed before the warm weather brings playground visitors!

This structure was full of FUN! The first things you notice on this play structure are the amazing colors and all the climbers! This structure really packs it in with a triple viper slide, comet and extreme cyclone spinners, along with the stone slope and trigon tower climbers the campers of all ages will be enjoying their time together!

Snider Recreations loves to add fun wherever we can! If your organization or school is looking for new playground equipment, give us a call at 800-888-2889 to request a catalog.


North Spenser County Schools – Lincoln City, IN

North Spenser County Schools – Lincoln City, IN

Snider Recreation designed a new playground for North Spenser Schools’ Nancy Hanks Elementary. The structure has the students on the move and has a capacity for over 100 students.

Double Viper Slide
Swift Glider

The structure is bookended with slides. On one end you will find the Double Viper Slide that’s filled with twists and turns, the other end you will find a Swift Glider. Whether you’re shimming your way up, or gliding down the skinny slide, the students will be on the move! The slides are joined together by climbers and overhead equipment that will challenge the students balance, strength and motor skills.  For the students who like to spin, there are 2 Fierce Cyclone Spinners attached to the structure!

Fierce Cyclone: challenges students to utilize their strength and coordination. It helps with the development of kinesthetic awareness as well as focus on proper posture.

Snider Recreation loves bringing the FUN into recess by installing play equipment for schools!  Students always love recess, but with this new play structure, their Fun just got a whole lot more active!

Odyssey Deck Link
Twist n’ Turn Climber & Linking Ring Climber
Twisting Traverse

Climbers provide several developmental benefits to children, building upper body strength along with boosting balance and coordination while they play.

Dynamic Pad Link: challenges students to move from one playground deck to the other by building balance and strength while increasing self-confidence.
Athletic Arch: Students are always looking to reach higher, climb further, and reach the summit. Monkey bars have long been a playground equipment favorite, but Burke has reinvented the monkey bars, and we’ve designed some Overhead Events that will keep kids entertained and in shape including pull-up rings and horizontal ladders.

Wood Fiber Surfacing

Tyson Memorial Park – Versailles, IN

Tyson Memorial Park – Versailles, IN

The Town of Versailles called Snider Recreation with their need for a new playground at Tyson Memorial Park. Snider Recreation’s local Indiana sales representative was quick to come up with some custom playground designs for their review.   Snider Recreation quickly took an open field and created 3,570 square feet of FUN! This new play space is surrounded with play ground borders, ADA ramps, rubber mats for high traffic areas and wood fiber surfacing; making it age-appropriate and all-inclusive.

This design has an exciting play structure, Novo Arc Benches, Kid Force & Comet spinners and swings, including the new Volito Swing! The structure brings Climber after Climber! Power Pipes, the Wild Web, Hyper Helix, the Active Apex and Apex Wave Climbers to name a few!  The structure also contains a Rock’n Roll and an 8 foot Double Viper Slide.

Whether it is designing a whole new playground, installing playground surfacing or adding freestanding equipment, Snider enjoys sharing the FUN with communities, schools and churches. Give Snider Recreation a call if you would like to join in the FUN!

Installation of Volito & 2 Bay Arch Swings
Installation of Play Structure





Active Apex, Hyper Helix & Wild Web Climbers 4′ Rock’n Roll Slide & 8′ Viper Slides
Double Viper – Over Under Slides




Rochester Community Schools – Rochester, MI

Rochester Community Schools – Rochester, MI

Snider Recreation went to the design board again for Rochester Community Schools. This time it was for a new school playground for Hamlin Elementary. The design that Snider Recreation presented was one that would get the students on the move to having FUN! It also has them stepping out and using Burke Turf for the first time at one of their schools!

Plexus Overhead & Rope Venture Vertex
RockIt Panels & Verto Climbers
Twisting Travers

Let’s not forget to highlight the play structure, which is age-appropriate for the children. It has a Double Spiral Viper Slide for the students to race down and an 8’ Expedition Climber for the students to reach new heights! Other climbers on and around the school playground are the Power Peak, Leaf and Verto climbers.

Double Viper Slide
8′ Expedition Climber & Viper Slides

A playground isn’t complete without spinning and swinging! For those who like to twirl the design brought in the ever popular Comet Spinner which is great for spinning alone or with friends! Along with the long bays of swings the students will be flying through recess!

Comet Spinner & Single Post Swing Bays
Comet Spinner & Swing Bays


Snider Recreation enjoys bringing smiles to the students at Rochester Community Schools with each installation we do. Whether it is a whole new playground, installing playground surfacing or adding in freestanding equipment, Snider leaves FUN behind!

Satellite Station, Plexus Overhead & Vertex Climbers
Single Post Swing Bays


Rope Venture Vertex
Vertex, Stepping Pods to Satellite Station
Below the Turf playground surface you’ll find a soft infill that is completely anti-microbial, to provide a lasting, healthy play environment. A shock and drainage pad provides shock absorption and impact protection from falls.




Wayne Trace Local Schools – Payne, OHIO

Wayne Trace Local Schools – Payne, OHIO

Wayne Trace Local Schools wanted to add some new equipment to their playground at Payne Elementary. Snider Recreation came in and got on the move to creating a design that would have the students smiling!  Payne Elementary got moving with their application for a KaBoom Playground Grant and volunteers were on the move for the supervised community installation.  The students are on the move everyday at recess!  Talk about Play that Moves!

Kids love to climb and spin, and Snider Recreation loves to make kids happy! For Payne Elementary we brought in climbers, and lots of them!  Climbers challenge the students to reach higher, use their imaginations and increase their strength, endurance and stamina.  The Triple Verto climbers, Satellite Walk, and Plexus give unlimited adventures!  The Comet and Kid Force Spinners add the twist of excitement that kids desire.

While the balance beam helps students with their core strength it is also a place for imagination and challenges.  Can you walk the plank? What about backwards? Will you touch the lava, or be attacked by sharks?  The games are only limited to the students imagination!

When all the moving has them feeling a little tired, or if they need a place to sit with a friend, the new tire swing is the place they will be. Swings are always a favorite on any playground, but when you can swing with a friend, life doesn’t get any better!

Snider Recreation loves the opportunity to put their mark on the commercial playgrounds in the Ohio region. Meeting new people in the communities and assisting with the playground grant process, makes for fun days at work!
















Thumbs up to FUN!

Bartholomew Consolidated Schools – Columbus, Indiana

Bartholomew Consolidated Schools – Columbus, Indiana

In 2014 the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation began the process of designing a new playground for their Lillian Schmitt Elementary School in Columbus, Indiana. Snider Recreation came alongside and helped them design a playground that would get their students on the move!

The school worked on obtaining playground grants that would help in the cost of the equipment. Snider Recreation worked to design a playground that would be installed in phases, to defer costs into different fiscal budgets.

Our team started with Phase One of the playground improvement in the spring of 2015. This phase added freestanding spinners, the Comet and Swift Twist. Along with a play structure designed for building healthy, active kids! This unit included agility equipment such as the Twisting Traverse, Agility Arc and Healthy Hammock. It added the overhead Horizontal Ladder so the students can swing their way to building arm strength, a Swift Glider to quickly slide away and the ever popular Extreme Cyclone Spinner.

Phase Two began in 2016 with the removal of the old playground structure and the installation of the new structure. This Phase brought the slides! You will find the students racing down the Triple Viper slides and bumping down the Rock ‘n Roll slide during outdoor time. This structure is tied into the Phase One structure with an Amped Link climber. The students love climbing new heights on the Steep Peak climber and hanging out on the Balcony. One thing is for sure; the students are starting to wonder what Phase Three of the new school playground will bring, but this is where the story will be continued…

Phase 1 (2)
Phase I: Comet
Phase 1 (3)
Phase I: Extreme Cyclone, Power Peak Climber, Limber Ladder Rope Climber, and Launch Pad
Phase 1
Phase I: Twisting Traverse, Horizontal Ladders and Swift Glider Slide
Phase 2 (2)
Phase II: Triple Viper Slide
Phase 2 (3)
Phase II: Steep Peek Climber and Rock ‘n Roll Slide
Lillian Schmitt Phase 1 & 2 (2)
Phase I & II
Lillian Schmitt Phase 1 & 2
Phase I & II



Norwayne Local Schools – Creston, OH

Norwayne Local Schools – Creston, OH

In the spring, Snider Recreation was called in to add some new outdoor play equipment and replace a playground set at Norwayne Elementary in Wayne County. The school’s playground fundraising allowed them to enhance their recess offerings by replacing their current selection with one of our new, state of the art, motion-based outdoor playground sets.

But it wasn’t that cut and dry. In a fun twist, Norwayne administration allowed the students to vote on which play equipment would be installed at the school. They gave the children two outdoor playground ideas to choose between and settled it with an all-school poll. It was all of the buzz amongst the students for weeks; each student proud of the playground option they were rooting for.

The new school playground they chose, pictured above, focuses in on agility and movement. It includes sky pods, dynamic discs and the ever popular Cyclone spinners (which have already been nicknamed “the twirly wirlies” by students). Norwayne also added a freestanding comet spinner to give the playground a little more twist. The children can be seen waiting in line to experience the rush of this playground enhancement!

Students, staff and parents were enjoying the custom designed playground structure so much, they did not want the school year to end. Recess just got way more fun!

Norwayne 4

Norwayne 5

Norwayne 2

Norwayne 3


Norwayne 7

Norwayne 6


Huntington Park Estates – Strongsville, OH

Huntington Park Estates – Strongsville, OH

Snider Recreation completed this installation this spring for Huntington Park Estates.  Nestled near their pool and pavilion this playground is sure to be a hit!  The kid’s at Huntington Park have the option to slide, climb or take a spin on the popular comet!

Huntington Park Estates (10)

Huntington Park Estates (11)

Huntington Park Estates (12)

Huntington Park Estates (13)

Huntington Park Estates (1)

Huntington Park Estates (2)

Huntington Park Estates (3)

Huntington Park Estates (4)

Huntington Park Estates (5)

Huntington Park Estates (6)

Huntington Park Estates (7)

Huntington Park Estates (8)

Huntington Park Estates (9)


Woodfield WEST Apts – Wyoming, MI

Wyoming, MI – Woodfield WEST Apts

Snider Recreation, Inc. adds another Playground this one in the community of Wyoming, MI for Woodfield WEST Apartments.  The playstructure also has freestanding equipment and Fiber Mulch.   The Comet, Standing Rocker and Alpine Climber are some great additions that the children love.

Woodfield WEST-Playground Fibar Installed

Woodfield WEST

Woodfield WEST-Playground Fibar Installed

Woodfield WEST-SitePrep