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Tyson Memorial Park – Versailles, IN

Tyson Memorial Park – Versailles, IN

The Town of Versailles called Snider Recreation with their need for a new playground at Tyson Memorial Park. Snider Recreation’s local Indiana sales representative was quick to come up with some custom playground designs for their review.   Snider Recreation quickly took an open field and created 3,570 square feet of FUN! This new play space is surrounded with play ground borders, ADA ramps, rubber mats for high traffic areas and wood fiber surfacing; making it age-appropriate and all-inclusive.

This design has an exciting play structure, Novo Arc Benches, Kid Force & Comet spinners and swings, including the new Volito Swing! The structure brings Climber after Climber! Power Pipes, the Wild Web, Hyper Helix, the Active Apex and Apex Wave Climbers to name a few!  The structure also contains a Rock’n Roll and an 8 foot Double Viper Slide.

Whether it is designing a whole new playground, installing playground surfacing or adding freestanding equipment, Snider enjoys sharing the FUN with communities, schools and churches. Give Snider Recreation a call if you would like to join in the FUN!

Installation of Volito & 2 Bay Arch Swings
Installation of Play Structure





Active Apex, Hyper Helix & Wild Web Climbers 4′ Rock’n Roll Slide & 8′ Viper Slides
Double Viper – Over Under Slides




Miami Meadows Park – Miami Twp, OH

Miami Meadows Park – Miami Twp, OH

Miami Township wanted a playground at Miami Meadows Park that would be for everyone. Snider Recreation designed and installed a playground that brought in age appropriate structures and freestanding equipment.  Jeff Snider kept the goal in mind to make this a playground not just accessible but also inclusive!  Jeff incorporated play equipment that addressed the physical, emotional and social needs of every child.  The overall design incorporated inclusiveness throughout with a variety of equipment to open a life of play to children with all abilities.

Design Drawing

At the front of each structure is a Welcome Sign showing the appropriate age the equipment is designed for. The younger structure, designed for 2-5 year olds has a balcony, ramps and bridges.  The structure pulls in leaf climbers, a rock crawl climber, and a pod walk. Three different Slides surround the structure. And activity panels are scattered below, around and throughout.  There is a wall of activity panels located under a canopy where you will find imagination in full swing!

2-5 structure

The all-inclusive playground for 5-12 year olds brings in many climbers.  Including the popular Twist n’ Turn and Tree climbers. The slides are faster and bring a twist!  This one has Viper Slides, Spiral Slide, and a Double Poly Wave!

5-12 structure

Free standing equipment includes a Rockit Tunnel, Kidforce Spinner, Orbitron and the Cruiser. The Cruiser has enough room for two wheelchairs and two full benches, which allows up to 12 children of all abilities to play together.  There are long bays of swings which include toddler seats and the Freedom Seats along with belt swings.

Freestanding Equipment: The Orbitron & The Cruiser

One thing is for sure, the play space at Miami Meadows has something for everyone, even the child at heart!


Ramp to FUN!
Tree Climbers
Swings for everyone! Belt seats, toddler seats and the new freedom seats!
Kidforce Spinner in the foreground with the Preschool Playground behind
Rain or Shine, this large shade has you covered!
Freestanding equipment
The Cruiser
The Orbitron
5-12 Structure
5-12 Structure
2-5 Structure
2-5 Structure
5-12 Structure
5-12 Structure
2-5 Structure


RockIt Tunnel



Squaw Valley Park, O’Hara Township – PA

O’Hara Township Appoints Snider Recreation to Install ADA Accessible Playground at Squaw Valley Park

When O’Hara Township’s Council decided they wanted an all inclusive playground at Squaw Valley Park they turned to their local Sales Representative at Snider Recreation.  After many months of design and installation, the Adaptive Playground for inclusive play opened!

“By Land and By Sea” is the theme of this playground which includes the popular pirate ship.  The structure is all inclusive, with transition steps, ramps and surfacing, this playground is accessible for all levels of motor disabilities. The play structure also includes a wheelchair accessible motion cruiser.

Other equipment includes the all inclusive freedom swing, a climbing wall, comet spinner and water themed spring animals.  Many types of disabilities are addressed in this design.  Autistic, visually and hearing impaired children will enjoy the interactive brail, music and game activity stations alongside the other children on the playground.

The “By Land and By Sea” theme was continued into the surfacing as well.  A rubber surface was placed around the “ships” with sharks and starfish inlaid into the blue rubber sea.  The children can ride the waves on the back of a shark or try their balance on the Dynamic Surfer.  For the land an artificial turf was installed. With the look and feel of a grass lawn, it is a perfect complement and helps keep children of all abilities moving!  Imagination and fun will abound as the children climb the mountains or slide down the slopes.

With so much going on, safety is always a concern.  The surfacing takes into account fall height requirements, trip hazards and ADA compliances.  There is a four-foot-high fence around the playground that includes a one-way in and one-way out concept. This concept allows for parents of children using the playground to monitor only one entry and exit point. This enhances safety for all of the playground users.

To add to the fun, we at Snider Recreation, found this fun playground game that sticks with the theme, By Land and By Sea. Check out this link for rules to the game “Land, Sea, Air” and add a little FUN to your playground, park or backyard! http://www.playworks.org/blog/game-week-land-sea-air

We at Snider Recreation are proud we were a part of this accessible playground installation. The playground is all inclusive, which makes it fun for all!

Install 1
With the site preparations complete, installation begins.
Install 3
This ship is still in dry dock, but will be ready to sail soon!

Install 11

Install 6
Equipment installed, time to focus on the surfacing materials.
Install 5
Installation of the “Sea”. Rubber is a safe, all inclusive surfacing material. At Squaw Valley Park sharks and star fish were added for a little splash!
Install 12
Installing the “Land”. Turf combines rugged durability with remarkable softness and beauty that allows it to be used in both sports and playground areas! With the look and feel of a grass lawn, it is a perfect complement to this playground area and helps keep children of all abilities moving!
squaw-valley-by sea (2)
Time to set sail! With the Pirate Ship or the Cruiser, kids will be sailing the day away! Or maybe they want to hop on a shark or dolphin or even try their balancing skills on the Dynamic Surfer! With enough room for two wheelchairs and two full benches, the Cruiser allows up to 12 children of all abilities to play together. Handles at both ends allow adults or other children to assist with motion and enjoy the experience.

squaw-valley-pirates (4)

squaw-valley-by land

squaw-valley-by land (4)
The posts are set for the Freedom Swings – to give this Land & Sea playground a little Air!
The Land isn’t complete without some mountains to climb!
squaw-valley-ping pong
Outside the fenced area are some activities for the older kids. This is a concrete ping pong table.
squaw-valley-grand openning
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
The feeling of freedom and flying while the ground fades away and you feel like a bird, like a plane or even a superhero. The Freedom inclusive Swing Seat allows children of all abilities to enjoy the childhood joy of swinging in a safe and secure seat created just for them.
By Land & By Sea! Play is fun for everyone!

James Day Park-Parma, OH

All-Kids Playground at James Day Park – Parma, OH

All children deserve to have playtime and space, however, children with disabilities are not always able to enjoy playgrounds especially when they are cumbersome, not fully accessible, or too far from home.

Snider Recreation worked with the All-Kids Playground organization to design an all-inclusive playground that creates an environment where a child’s physical health, emotional well-being, and development of life skills are met as they learn and grow through play. The need for the playground was immediate, Jeff Snider made sure that the design could be broken into phases, with each phase focusing in on enhancing the inclusion and addressing the needs of children with all abilities. Snider Recreation made sure that the playground would look complete at the end of each phase. This playground is an inviting place that accommodates mobility devices, play structures, and activity areas.


Council President Sean Brennan spearheaded the legislation to donate the property to the non-profit organization, located at James Day Park (formally Nike Park) in Parma, Ohio.  Phase One was completed with a supervised installation. Snider Recreation supervised volunteers from the community.  Mickey Vittardi, director of parks and recreation, jumped in with his department, and they helped with the construction and installation of the equipment.

All Kids Playground Installation

All Kids Playground before surfacing

All Kids Playground volunteers

The idea for the playground came from a teacher listening to the concerns of local parents with special needs children, Tamara Tomasello, and numerous other parents, professionals and teens from the community, joined forces to try to raise dollars to create the All Kids Playground, a playground designed to allow children with and without disabilities to play side by side with peers and siblings. “This will be for all children, not just for children with special needs, but for all children to get along and play together. It will be a pleasant place for families from all over to interact.” Tomasello said.

All Kids Playground - Cruiser
With enough room for two wheelchairs and two full benches, the Cruiser allows up to 12 children of all abilities to play together. Handles at both ends allow adults or other children to assist with motion and enjoy the experience.

All Kids Playground 2

All Kids Playground - ADA swings
Adaptive swing seats with an optional adjustable safety harness. Designed to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards

All Kids Playground

2016-02-06 11.35.32

2016-02-06 11.34.11
Help all children get into the heart of the play where even the path from one activity to the next can be an adventure, with ADA transfer stations, ramps, and wide bridges and walkways. We take play for all seriously and want children of all abilities to enjoy the benefits of playing together.

2016-02-06 11.32.15

2016-02-06 11.41.21


Mercer Area Elementary – Mercer, PA

Mercer Area Elementary School – Mercer, PA

Mercer Area School District added a new custom designed playground at their elementary school.  The students at Mercer Elementary can zip down the dueling Viper slides, climb the curved Rock-It wall, skip over “lava” on the Sky Pods and swing like monkeys on the Round-a-Bout.  The design includes 5 swings and an all-inclusive freedom swing.  The surfacing has black rubber mulch, plastic borders and an ADA ramp into the play area.

Mercer Elementary #3

Mercer Elementary #1

Mercer Elementary #2