Spray Park Maintenance

Spray Park Maintenance

Operational Costs
Regular site visits to your spray park should include a visual inspection, litter collection, and pad cleaning. Treated water system parks will require regular water quality checks, as prescribed by your local health board. This is similar to the maintenance of any other water facility. In addition park officials should periodically monitor water pressure to ensure it is kept at a safe discharge rate.

Caring for your Water Splash Components
Water Splash recommends that you apply a good coat of paste wax to all spray park equipment. Throughout the year it is recommended that Water Splash components are buffed and polished on a regular basis to maintain the quality and durability of the coatings. Inspect the nozzle outlets on a regular basis to ensure that fittings are secure and all orifices are free of debris.

For the winter months when the park will not be in use, Water Splash recommends all detachable graphic elements are removed and stored to prevent damage to the components. Supply lines, piping and manifolds should be drained and all ground spray nozzles should be replaced with nozzle blanks after lines have been blown out and are free of water. Proper winter shut down will assure a quick and trouble free opening day the next spring.

Water Splash provides guidelines to ensure a smooth start up. These guidelines include removal of winter blanks, components are flushed with fresh water to prevent nozzle clogging. Nozzles shall be in installed and secured as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Customer Support
Snider & Associates provides on-going toll free phone support, electronically available manuals, installation guides, trouble shooting guides, and product manuals to provide quick responses to questions, technical issues and maintenance requirements.


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