Sports Goals

Sports Goals

Snider & Associates, Inc. specializes in your soccer goals and football goal posts.


  • Aerospace Quality – Both the soccer goals and football goal posts are TIG Welded goals for outstanding durability
  • Easy to move – Our soccer goals are sleek, light, and well balanced
  • Standard Heavy Duty Rear Crossbar – The soccer goal rear cross bar is crucial to every goals safety and structural reliability
  • Stability – Deep net racks and heavy duty cross bar provide a counterbalancing effect to prevent soccer goal tip over
  • Low weight – High Strength – Custom materials provide a high strength, light weight goal – on both the soccer goal and football goal posts
  • Easy to assemble – All goals assemble with tamper-proof stainless steel fasteners
  • Flush Net Fasteners – Permanently mounted fasteners are recessed to prevent player injury
  • Low Maintenance – Aluminum structure with stainless steel fasteners provide corrosion free solution

soccer goals and football goal postssoccer goals and football goal posts




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