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Outdoor Basketball Equipment, Basketball Goals

Basketball GoalsNo one offers a wider range of Outdoor Institutional Basketball Equipment than Bison. With over 30 ready-made systems to choose from and the ability to mix and match pole systems, backboards and rims, your choices are almost limitless. Match your need for durability, playability and aesthetics with a system that fits within your program’s budget.
The pole system is the foundation of an outdoor basketball system. Choose from Tough-Duty 3 1/2″, Heavy-Duty 4 1/2″ or Mega-Duty 5 9/16″ galvanized gooseneck poles or our 6″ square Ultimate System with a limited lifetime warranty. Each pole is available in either fixed height or adjustable height designs.
Backboards can be fan shaped or rectangular, aluminum, steel, polyethylene, fiberglass, clear polycarbonate or glass and come in many sizes and finishes.
Bison has a goal that will meet your needs even at your most challenging unsupervised site. Bison’s BA39U Ultimate goal offers unsurpassed durability and an unconditional lifetime warranty whether purchased on a competition Bison system or as a replacement rim for your existing backboard.
Bison also offers outdoor safety padding, court marking kits, safety nets and pool basketball systems.
You’ll never need to look further than Bison for all your outdoor basketball needs.


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