Playground Design Considerations

Playground Design Considerations

Playgrounds are a place of true joy and happiness for every child. The endless summer days spent swinging, sliding or climbing are pleasurable memories that as adults we look back on and smile. Everyone plays a crucial role in creating these memories for children of all ages.

Playground projects demand that we change the way we look at the standard play concepts and look at play from a completely new perspective. Here are some key elements that aid in making a playground designed for all children.

  • Age Appropriate Design – Designing playgrounds to incorporate different types and arrangements of play components will keep children of all ages and abilities safely engaged in play. One play structure designed for children ages 5 – 12, and one play structure could be designed for children ages 2 – 5.
  • Access to All Areas – Children of all ages and abilities need to be able to join other children not only on the playground but also on the play structure. By using transition stations throughout a structure, children are able to transition from the ground up onto the play structure and experience the many playground elements!
  • Gathering Spots – Social interaction between children is fostered through the very element of play and needs to be considered with every aspect of design. Gathering spots allow children of all ages and abilities to come and go as they please without interrupting play for others.
  • Safe Design – Children deserve a fun and age appropriate play structure but a safe play structure is extremely important. Burke designs all playgrounds to meet and/or exceed all Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Guidelines, ASTM Guidelines and is very knowledgeable about American with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).


Creative thinking and incorporation of the above elements aids in making Snider & Associates your playground design consultant and expert. When schools and parks need to design playgrounds they look to their Snider & Associates to get the job done right.

Burke can design structures with multiple events in a linear layout. On one recent project, the design resulted in a maximum “kid flow” over 100 children can play on the equipment at one time. The principal remarked, “That the “kid flow” increases safety as well as fun. The children aren’t crowding each other, or pushing and shoving.”
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