Circuit Play Beginnings

Circuit Play Beginnings - Outdoor Playground Equipment

Circuit Play Beginnings – Outdoor Playground Equipment

Circuit Play Beginnings - Outdoor Playground Equipment

Playground designed for children ages 2-5 year olds

Designed for children ages 2 – 5, the Circuit Play® Beginnings play system focuses on developing different physical abilities in a circuit format. The playground elements are spaced apart so children can master each element on their own before moving to the next element. Once children have mastered all playground elements separately, they can begin to master the entire circuit by moving through the whole play structure. This allows children to progress at a pace with which they feel comfortable, thereby, helping them to develop their self-confidence. You can choose from a wide variety of ground-level play equipment that is designed for children to climb, cross, balance, traverse, crawl through and pull themselves over.

  • Combines play equipment that focus on the use of all muscles groups, thereby helping younger children to develop balance, hand-eye coordination and basic upper body strength.
  • Great for promoting repetitious movements from one element to the other, known as looping, which helps to build self-confidence as they master challenge of each element and of the entire circuit playground.
  • Great compliment to physical activity programs in early childhood settings.
  • All events and play equipment are ground level thereby reducing the risk of falling from excessive heights.
  • Can be incorporated with an existing playground or used as a freestanding design.


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