Corporate Spotlight: OPRA Magazine

Corporate Spotlight: OPRA Magazine

Corporate Spotlight: OPRA Magazine – Spring 2016                            Snider Recreation – Our Business is Fun!


Snider Recreation has been providing quality commercial playground equipment and park amenities to the parks and recreation, school and early education industries since the 1980s. The company began when Chuck Snider took a unique business opportunity to combine his love of fun, athletics and play. Through his continued dedication to the parks and recreation market over the past few decades, Chuck made the business a joy to be around for both customers and visitors. The company quickly grew to service the entire state of Ohio and later added local representatives and certified installation crews in Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania. After growing up in the business, Jeff and James Snider were passed the company torch by their father, Chuck.



James and Jeff are committed to continuing the legacy of providing only the finest, safest products at the most competitive prices and with the friendliest customer service. Having a lifetime of experience in the commercial play and park business has made them invaluable to all of their customers and award-winning in the playground industry. Snider has maintained its turnkey concept throughout the years by offering design, sales and installation to every customer. Jeff said, “One of the most unique and fulfilling aspects of our work is the happiness that follows the completion of each project. The kids are so excited about the new playground, and the parents are too! A new playground always brings increased traffic and smiles to a park.”



Snider Recreation was awarded the 2015 Representative of the Year award by BCI Burke at the National Sales Conference this January. The Representative of the Year recognizes excellence in sales, customer support and service as well as an overall exemplification of Burke’s mission to create “play that moves” everyone. Through Burke playgrounds, Snider provides play that moves you physically and cognitively. Snider Recreation designs playgrounds with child development in mind. It is play that moves you emotionally and play that moves everyone.

as the Representative of the Year Award 2015


Besides commercial playgrounds, the company provides equipment for water parks, site furnishings, sports equipment, picnic shelters, shade structures, outdoor fitness equipment and docks. Snider Recreation represents a number of excellent equipment manufacturers. Whether the company is working with a private school or a state park, Snider wants to be a one-stop shop for the customer’s recreational needs. One of the most exciting concepts introduced to the public in recent years that Snider has to offer is Greenfields’ unique outdoor fitness zones. This outdoor equipment offers communities a great way to promote wellness and fight obesity with exercise equipment that’s social in nature, fun to use and accessible for almost everyone. Greenfields’ equipment is chosen by communities nationwide for its high-quality and multigenerational appeal. By enabling users to work against their own body mass, the machines can be used by almost anyone, regardless of ability or fitness level. All exercise units are virtually maintenance-free and require no lubrication. Best of all, the equipment is free for the public to use 24/7.


Market Leader

Snider Recreation prides itself in being a leader in the market and helping all of its customers solve their recreation needs through grants, promotions and industry knowledge. For example, Snider Recreation already supports and endorses many playground grants and charities that promote creating recreational play environments to encourage play in kids of all abilities in order for them to develop and thrive physically, emotionally and socially through play. Snider promotes all-inclusive design and designs playgrounds and recreation environments that are safety certified and meet or exceed ADA requirements.

The corporation has been members of NPCAI (International Playground Contractors Association) since its inception and strongly promotes products and services that are safely and correctly installed. Being an active participant in the industry is important to customers as standards and laws change.

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Join Our Business of FUN!

Snider Recreation has partnered with several entities to offer their products and services at bid pricing, allowing purchasers to save time and expense by purchasing off-contract. A full list is available from and includes the state of Ohio State Term Schedule (STS #800230).

James and Jeff grew up in the business of FUN, and they continually strive to create fun, inviting and safe play environments. You may catch both of them with their family on a weekend checking out a new park and observing what play moves their kids!

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